How to Break 100, Pt. 6: The Finish

by Jim Bromley, PGA

So why is the finish of the golf swing so important since the ball is long gone? The finish is a way to grade your performance. The correct position has all your weight on your lead foot, up on your rear toe, head and chest on top of your lead foot with your hips slightly more toward the target than your chest (some call this a reverse “C” or a backward bend; think of the PGA Tour logo) and your arms should be extended into a wide follow-through. If you are unable to hold your finish, you’re swinging too hard! If your weight stays on your back foot, your arms are swinging faster than your torso. If your arms do not fully extend, you’re overusing your right arm and hand, trying to close the clubface. If the finish is in rhythm, your balance will be effortless. Have a friend videotape you and see what your finish says about your swing.

Not sure if you can tell what your finish says? Send me your video ( and let me give you some ideas on what you may need to break 100.

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