Know the Distance You Carry Each Club

Learn the distance that you carry the ball with each club. You can always predict total distance depending on ground conditions. Does your 3-wood really carry farther than your 5-wood? Unless you have an 85-m.p.h. clubhead speed, I doubt it. How many yards does each wedge go? Does it have the proper loft configuration? How far do you carry your driver? Can you carry those bunkers on the 4th hole at Downingtown CC? It’s best to know the answer before you try.

Did you know the simulators at Play-a-Round Golf have fine-tuning capabilities so you can match your exact distances outside? Learn your distances with a few clubs outside and then fine-tune the simulator to match your exact yardages. This way, you can be confident in the swing when you know the number. Like they say, there’s ‘strength in numbers!’

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