“How to Break 100” by Jim Bromley, PGA

This is the first post in a series on “How to Break 100”. The key is to avoid disastrous shots and play only the ones you know you can make. You need to learn how use 4 clubs well.

First, we need a consistent tee shot. I highly recommend a 13-degree lofted driver. It will not go as far as a lower-lofted driver, but you don’t need a long shot, just a consistent one that finds the fairway.

Next, we need a fairway shot. Best club selection here is a 25-degree hybrid or 6-iron. Again, the distance is not important, just consistent shots down the fairway towards the hole.

Now we should be within 100 yards or so of the green (if not, you may be playing from the wrong tees). The wedge shot onto the green or close to the green is what I think is the most important shot.

Last, but not least, is being able to 2-putt once you’re on the green. Get the first putt close (inside a 5-foot circle) and get the next shot in the hole.

I will discuss the key mechanics of each of these shots in future articles. Stay tuned..

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