How to Break 100, Pt. 5: The Downswing

by Jim Bromley, PGA

We have talked about the set-up and backswing, but the downswing and your position at impact is by far the most important piece of a consistent shot. The start of a downswing is initiated with a slight bump of your hips toward your front foot. Your arms and club must follow this motion. Most of us are only worried about hitting the ball far so we move our arms much faster than our body (this feels like actual work!).

When in sequence (hips first, arms second), the swing takes very little work. Try making some swings at the range where you just let the downward momentum move the club down to the ball. Shots will go far with very little work. Now speed it up a little by letting your hips and torso shift left and unwind just a little faster. Speed will continue to increase as your hands and wrists relax and do less work.

The major flaw most golfers have is pushing too hard with their back hand. Let the club and your swing do the work. Golf is much more fun this way!

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