Winterize Your Game – Check Your Equipment (Pt. 4)

The part of the golf club that shows the most wear is the grip. With smaller bags, the grips develop more erosion just from taking them in and out of the bag. If you see a shine on your grip, it’s time for a replacement. You should also clean your grips every month. Use hot water, soap, and a stiff-bristle brush. You won’t believe the amount of dirt that is hiding there.

Next, check the shafts for wear-marks or flaking. Look at the hose where the shaft is attached to the head. Look for any loosing of the shaft. This happens when clubs are stored in the trunk of your car. Excess heat, especially from the Summer months, can break the epoxy hold. I also have the lofts & lies checked to make sure nothing has changed. Tree roots and driving range mats can sometimes alter your settings.

I do most of the above multiple times in a season. For extra credit, clean out your bag and take a close look at your shoes.

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