Winterize Your Game – Wedges

After you’ve had a professional swing evaluation, let’s get to work on wedge shots:

First, make sure your impact position is solid (lead arm and club shaft should form a straight line or have shaft leaning towards the target). You will need video to check this position. Do you know you can rent the video equipment at Play-A-Round Golf?

Next, learn to make a swing where your hands reach your hips on the backswing and follow-through (hip-high). Once you can duplicate the length of swing on both sides, notice how far you’re hitting the ball with each of your wedges. The simulators at Play-A-Round Golf are great for this! Use video to ensure you’re making the correct length swing. Now use the same routine for a chest-high swing and shoulder-high swing.

As you can see, you have a LOT of work ahead of you. Get started now!

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