Winterize Your Game – Improve Your Putting

Good putting results from building good mechanics and then letting your feel and touch take over. The first mechanic is to aim the putter straight. Most golfers are not so good at this. To learn aim, you need a mirror that is placed on the ground so you ensure that your eyes  are over the ball. If your putter is correctly fitted for you (lie and length), this should happen naturally.

Next, learn to hit the sweet spot every time. This is what allows you to develop touch, which is impossible if the ball comes off the putter differently each time. An easy drill is to take a piece of duct tape, cut out a quarter-size piece and apply it to the putter face. with the sweet spot in the hole. Now learn to strike the ball on the sweet spot without ever touching the tape. Repeat so you can perform it 10 times in a row. Then make the hole in the duct tape smaller (nickel-size, penny-size, and finally dime-size). It should take most of the winter to get this done.. so get started now!

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