Junior Golf Camp ~ A Mom’s Point of View

I went out with the Play-a-Round Golf Junior Golf Camp on a Tuesday to see what all the kids do at golf camp during the summer. It was great to see how the kids conduct themselves in various settings without parental figures present, whether at lunch, driving in the van, or on a real golf course. They started out by singing along to the radio and tapping their feet! At lunch, they all chose from the menu, placed their individual orders, and were very well-behaved in the restaurant (Panera Bread). Moms, you would be proud!

As we approached the course, the excitement increased, the singing grew louder as they knew all the words to the songs, and their feet kept the beat. I felt like I was part of Cheaper by the Dozen. Great fun! They each gathered their own golf bags and headed to the putting green to practice the skills they had learned. During the various putting contests, they all encouraged each other to do well. Once we were ready to tee off, the group was split into two groups depending on skill level and set out to play a 2-player scramble.

I was impressed at how well they hit the ball, gave advice to each other on alignment or which club to use. They even allowed a faster group to play through them. The seriousness of the game they played made me think they were older and more mature than their years. We helped the younger campers carry their bags as got further along on the golf course. I’m amazed at how heavy some bags can be, but no one complained and they even took the bags back from us at the next hole. It was good to observe them make a decision together as to which ball to play when they were all good shots. On the last hole, it started to drizzle, but no one seemed to notice or care. Now they know they can play in the heat and the rain. What’s next.. the snow?!?!

by Cindy Ryan

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